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Write Five Version of Your Biography

A good bio gives people a sense of both your professional expertise—and your personality!

  • Keep it brief, but informative. 75-100 words are perfectly adequate to describe the speaker’s credentials, occupation, and a value promise.

  • Keep it relevant. You only need to talk about those achievements which resonate with the topic a speaker is going to discuss at the conference.

  • Keep it in a great format. Use an effective website development system and photoshop technologies to make it magnetic on your conference website.

Here are the five bios you need

  • 120 Characters (LinkedIn Headline)

  • 150 Characters (Instagram Bio)

  • 160 Characters (Twitter Bio)

  • 255 Characters (Facebook Bio)

  • 75-100 Words (Perfect for Speaker Bio or for a Website

Ingredients of a Good Bio 

  • Name

  • Current role or professional tagline

  • Goals and aspirations

  • 2-3 most impressive and relevant achievements

  • One quirky fact (if it’s appropriate to the site)

Writing Style

  • Use third-person writing 

  • Link to one thing – just one! in addition to contact information

  • Make it story like

Where Bios Show Up

  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Personal website and/or blog

  • Industry website like blog byline


  • Use Career Companion: Career Playbook > Brand to gather all the variations of your bios

  • Build out a few versions of your bios

  • Share it with people for feedback and then update it all the right places

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