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Career Personality Tests

Career personality tests, also called career assessment tests, can be thought-provoking and is a tool you can use to help you figure out a career path. Even if you think you know what you want to do with your career, a personality or assessment test can provide additional insight into other fields that may be of interest, based on your talent, skills, and individual traits.

Psychological and personality tests analyze personal qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. For instance, do you like following orders, or are you more proactive and a leader? The answers you provide to these types of questions can help you assess your ideal working style, direct you to your dream gig and help you self-assess how you receive information, make decisions, and other important characteristics in the workplace. Based on your personality, preferences, and patterns, you'll discover the types of professions you're best suited for.

However, don’t look to the test to be your shortcut for finding the right career. Choosing the right path takes a whole lot of self-reflection and understanding. Instead, think of the tests as a jumping-off point — they’re there to give you ideas and insights about what career might be right for you.


  • Use Career Companion: Personality Assessments to take and track 15+ personality tests

  • Evaluate your personality types with a grain a salt and see what makes sense and what doesn't 

  • Use the personality tests as a guidance to give you direction on your career path

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