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Identify Your Values

Why Values Are Important

Your values are what drive you. They constitute your beliefs and your purpose and can help you decide what’s most important to you in your career.  It may be tempting to look to others for inspiration, especially if you’re feeling lost. But remember, career values aren’t universal. They’re unique to everyone, so what matters to you might not match up with someone else. You need to find what’s right for you!

Identify Three Types of Values:

  1. Intrinsic valuesThese are the values that keep you motivated. They are more about how you feel… Think about what gets you up in the morning, what makes you excited. 

  2. Extrinsic values: These are the tangible rewards you can experience in your career, such as a promotion, leading teams, or having flexibility in your hours. Know what rewards matter most to you, so you can align your career with what you desire out of your job.

  3. Lifestyle values: These are the values that determine what your lifestyle looks like, from where you live to your long-term life goals. These could be living in a certain city, buying your dream house, or saving a certain amount of money. Knowing what you want your lifestyle to look like will help you determine what you value for your career.

Knowing your career values means you’ll be more capable of choosing the right career path for you, one that aligns with those values and gives you purpose and gets you excited about going to work in the mornings!


  • Use Career Companion: Career Playbook > Values to take an inventory of your values

  • Each value may mean something different for each person, so write down that value means to you

  • Every time you make a career, come back and evaluate if your career decisions align with the values you identified

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