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Career Moments

How many times have you sat at your desk, feeling like you need to communicate your needs or wants with someone in your company, but you don’t know what to say? Every once in a while, these career conversations need to happen, whether they’re about promotions, your role in the company, projects you’re managing, or your feelings about your work. If you’re not certain what you need from these conversations, or whom you need to speak with, you may not know where to start.

  1. Career Movements: Add a project, Reflect on an event, notate an important meeting 

  2. Career Planning: values, personalty tests, answer question

  3. Career Progression: goals, competencies, technical skils

1. Reflect on what happened this week 


2. Add a performance review you got 


3.  1. When I Transitioned from Manager to Leader

  • Deciding on a career direction.

  • Interviewing.

  • Receiving a job offer and negotiating.

  • Getting laid off.

  • Receiving and responding to performance reviews.

  • Having an important conversation with a manager or senior person in your organization.

  • Grabbing an opportunity.

  • Talking with headhunters, mentors, an influential person in your network or someone referred to you.

  • Making a presentation or delivering a project, pitch or product.

  • Getting noticed for landing a big client.

  • Managing a crisis.

  • Taking a proactive step to market yourself, create something new, serve your community, start a business or express an opinion.

  • Hire someone 

  • Fire someone 

  • Become a manger  

  • First job

  • Quit a job

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