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Career Design & Development

Learn how to growth hack your career


The most qualified person to manage your career is YOU! You are the CEO of your career, and it’s your responsibility to design and manage your career that best fits your needs and aspirations.

This learning guide is for :

  • Answer hard questions about your values, aspirations, lifestyles, interests, passions, etc.

  • Take personality tests to help better understand the dynamics of your personality and style

  • Develop your playbook based on your aspirations, that you can aim towards that define success for you

Learning Guides:

Don't rely on a traditional tool to manage your career: Individual Career Development Plan. Build your career playbook, a modern tool to grow.

A T-shaped is composed of broad skills across many areas (the horizontal part of the T) with deep expertise in one particular topic (the vertical piece).

EEE Framework

You can use the three E’s to cultivate a thriving career: Explore, experience, evolve. A framework developed by Career Companion.

Identify Your Career Values

Your values are what drive you. They constitute your beliefs and your purpose and can help you decide what’s most important to you in your career.

Career Questions to Ask Yourself

Finding the right career, and sticking to career choices is a process that involves a lot of self-exploration and self-awareness. 

Career Personality Tests

Career personality tests, also called career assessment tests, can be thought-provoking and is a tool you can use to help you figure out a career path.

Set Clear Career Goals

The key to achieving your goals is to write them down and making sure that all your goals are SMART.

Know Your Competencies

Competencies are made up of three elements: skills, attributes, and knowledge. and are widely used to hire, fire, and promote employees.

Know Your Technical Skills

Coming Soon

Your Career Assets Are Everything

Coming Soon

Write Five Versions of Your Biography

A good bio gives people a sense of both your professional expertise—and your personality! Build out a few versions of your bios and get feedback.

Time for Your Career

It's a myth that it takes months of planning and action to achieve your career bliss. The truth is, it only takes a few minutes a day or week.

Build Your Dream Team

There are people out there dedicated to helping you launch and advance your dream career. You just need to find them and cultivate the relationships.

Network by Attending Events

A network is your net worth. Build your network through industry events and make the most of industry events with some planning and reflection.

Keep Interview Skills Current

The ‘moment of truth’ in many career opportunities is the selection interview process.  Don't wait for an interview to prepare and practice for one.

Each Job is a Customer

Coming Soon

Day-to-Day of Each Job

Coming Soon

The New Corporate Ladder

You can still climb up, but you can also move to either side, inhabiting whatever space feels the most satisfying and exciting to your career trajectory. 

10 Ways to be Mindful in Your Career

Ten great ways to bring the practice of mindfulness into your career, so you can be more productive, centered, and at peace.

Reflect Everyday

Research shows that reflection is actually imperative to success and reflecting on what you’ve learned in the past helps you do better in the future. 

Career Conversations

Career conversations are all about addressing your career needs and goals, and more than ever employers are taking initiative.

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