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Personality Tests

Personality refers to the measurable, unique behavioral patterns that make you different from other people. This includes the way you like to communicate, what motivates, energizes, and stresses you, how you like to interact with others, and so much more. When you add all of these individual traits together, you get a complex, unique mix of tendencies that help drive your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions. 


When you better understand your personality, you can harness your strengths, understand and manage blind spots, balance stress with productivity, build long-lasting relationships, and make better decisions.


You take these tests and you forget about it. for a moment, you are like oh that’s cool. allows you to go back and see your results and be able to share them with people. 

Use Career Companion: Personality Profile to take personality tests to learn about your personality type. There are 15+ personality tests you can take, but we recommend you take  the following three as a starting point:

  1. Myers Briggs

  2. Enneagram 

  3. Strengths Finder

Career Companion

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