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Preview. View. Review.

Another great framework you can use for speeches, respond to questions, and in general communications is Preview-View-Review. This part structure helps you organize your thoughts in a clear way and provides a story like a framework for your communications. This concept was developed by educators to give the teacher a technique for effective learning. But, this can easily be applied in any situation. 

Preview (10-15 % of time)

  • Hook: Opening statement to grab attention

  • Positioning Statement: Benefits statement selling advantages of listening

  • Overview: Key points that support positioning statement 


View (80-85% of time)

  • Point 1: Evidence/Illustration

  • Point 2: Evidence/Illustration

  • Point 3: Evidence/Illustration

Review (5% of time)

  • Recap: Summary of a positioning statement and key points

  • Memorable Conclusion: Wrap up story or statement

  • Call to Action: Request for order/commitment

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