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Uplevel Your Communication

There are many factors to being a solid communicator, but these three things are what takes your communication to the next level and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Emphasize your key points through repetition.

Why do we know that the Nike swoosh logo is 'just do it'? Because we have seen it a thousand times. Repetition is what makes brands and is what will help you resonate with your key points with your audience. 

Keep a good sense of humor.

People love to laugh and can help you relate to others easily. People open up with comedy — but you have to be super careful to not go overboard and offend someone.  Humor can loosen up the mood and help with the tone of your message, especially on a tough topic.

Use analogies to simplify and make a point.

Analogies can instantaneously put everyone on the same page. One person's vision of "large" may be different from another. By using an analogy you can be very specific i.e. large as an elephant. With this, you'll know that everyone is envisioning the same meaning as you are trying to convey.

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